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Do you want to Make Money Online fast and easy?!

Dear Friend, how does the thought of making money online sound to you? It's a worthwhile idea, for sure. But how much money can you actually make? How does it work? What kind of opportunities exist? These questions and more will be answered on our eBook.

Making money online is a relatively new concept, but it is catching on as more and more people realize the potential of it. There are many online money making opportunities. Anyone with a computer and internet access can make money online. And also, the process can seem difficult and confusing at first, so patience, ambition, and perseverance is a must. If you are determined, focused, and apply the right methods, you can definitely make it happen.

Make money online opportunitiess

There are several ways by which you can make money online.Making money online is not easy. Whether you plan on having a little bit of extra money at the end of the month, becoming a trillionare, or anything in between, you will need some help.There are many online money making opportunities and anyone with a computer and internet access can make money online. You can make money online through your own website, by participating in online surveys & product trials, and through referrals. Many opportunities exist, but there is no absolute best one. What will work best for you depends on several factors such as what kind of website you're running and how much free time you have.

While making money online may seem difficult and confusing at first, if you are determined, focused, and apply the right methods, you can definitely make it happen. Remember to avoid the scams, not burn yourself out, and maintain a proper work-life balance.

In our eBook is included information on a variety of making money online topics including methods of making money online, making money online products, freelancing, affiliate marketing, monetizing your website, avoiding scams, and more.

You might be wondering...

-Is making money online right for me?
If you have some free time, you are motivated enough, and making money online is something you want to do, then sure, why not? Making money online will help you generate some extra income.
-Which online money making program is the best one?
There is no single best online money making program. There are several factors to consider such as if you run a website/blog (what kind of content you have on it), how much free time you have, how much space for ads you have on your site/blog, the amount of visitors you get, and more. Research the various online money making programs and decide which one you think will work best for you.
-I found a really great online money making program, should I go for it?
Maybe. While there are some great online money making programs, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! Be careful with online money making programs that ask you to put some money down, there are lots of scams out there. Do some research about each online money making program you come across, and remember to read the fine print.
-How do I know which programs are legitimate and which ones are scams?
There are certain warning signs and factors you should watch out for like aggressive sales tactics.
-How much money can I make online?
It all depends on you and the online money making program(s) you go for. While it is possible to make a lot of money online, it takes time and patience (and some luck too!)
-Can I make enough money online to quit my day job and use my online money making as a full time job?
It is technically possible, though difficult. If you have a website/blog that gets thousands of visitors a day and you have well optimized ads, then you might just be able to turn online money making into a full time job.
-If I make money online, how will I get paid?
Typically, online money making programs offer one or more of the following ways by which you get your earnings:
Direct deposit - You supply your bank account information and they will deposit the money directly into it.
Check - You supply your address and they will send you a check.
Paypal - You supply a PayPal account and they will send the money there.

The following are terms used in the online money making world. Know them.

-Affiliate - An individual that promotes a company's product on their own website or somewhere else on the internet and earns a commission for every sale they make.
-Affiliate Marketing - The system by which a company's products are promoted and sold by individuals (affiliates) who earn a commision for every sale they make.
-CPA - Cost Per Action. A user clicks on an ad on a site, is taken to the advertisers site and ends up performing some action such as signing up for a trial membership or requesting information for something in the mail. The advertiser pays a set fee for each of these actions.
-CPC - Cost Per Click. Refers to how much an advertiser will pay for every time their ad is clicked on a webpage. CPC can vary greatly. You can pay 5 cents for a click on ad or 5 dollars for a click on another ad, for example.
-CPM - Cost Per Thousand Impressions (M is the Roman numeral for 1,000). Refers to how much an advertiser will pay for every 1000 times their ad is viewed on a webpage.
-CTR - Click Through Rate. A percentage that refers to the number of times an ad has been clicked out of the number of times it has been viewed. Example: an ad is viewed 500 times and it is clicked 25 times, the CTR is 5 percent.
-Monetization - The process by which you turn a regular website into a money making website. If you run a website that makes you no money and you add a few ads and then a few weeks later you are generating a weekly profit then you have monetized your website.
-Niche - A specific portion of a broad market that can be targeted based on certain demands. Example: books is a broad market, while computer programming books for beginners is a niche. Niche's are a very important concept in Affiliate Marketing.
-SEM - Search Engine Marketing. The practice of promoting websites by including them in paid advertisements on search engines that appear on the top or the right side of search engine result pages.
-SEO - Search Engine Optimization. The process by which websites are altered in certain ways so that they receive higher search engine rankings (ideally the #1 spot). SEO involves things like setting a relevant title for the page, using keywords in text links, and adding new content on a regular basis.

Spotting scams...

-Intuition. If you have a strong feeling that an online money making product is a scam just by looking at it or reading a few sentences about it then it probably is. Listen to your gut reaction, it's usually correct.

-Research. If you have no particular intuition about a certain online money making product then the next best thing is to do some research.

-Google it. Take the name of the product, put it into google (or any other search engine), and see what people are saying. If there are at least five different pages saying it's a scam then it probably is.

-WhoIs. WhoIs is a protocol for finding out information about domain names such as who registered the name. Do a WhoIS search on the domain name where the product is sold by going to www.whois.net and putting in the domain name. The domain name could be registered to an individual or a company. If it's a company, find out more about it through a search engine. If some pages with complaints about the company come up, it's a bad sign.

-Specific sites. There are specific sites that contain complaints about scammers and tricksters as well as sites that simply contain feedback on companies and products (both good and bad). Visit these sites, do a search for the product or the company that sells it and see what comes up.

Scam listings




Product reviews


BBB logo

Sometimes a good indicator that a company is honest and will not scam you is if they have the BBB logo on their website. BBB stands for Better Business Bureau and it is an organization that tries to ensure honest business practice. As their website puts it their vision is "An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other." Go to BBB website

If a company has the BBB logo on their website it does not mean for sure that they are honest and will not scam you. You can investigate further by clicking on the BBB logo on a company's website when you see it. You will get the BBB's page for that company where you will be able to see their rating, business contact & profile, customer complaints, and more. This is much better than simply going to a company's website, seeing the BBB logo and thinking all is good.

You can actually file a complaint at the BBB as well.

How they sell it

Sales tactics too aggressive. Usually, the more aggressive the sales tactic the less you need the product and the more likely it is a scam. Do they try to sell you one thing and then promote another and then another and then another all as part of some great package? Do they email or call you every day? Do they tell you that if you don't buy their product you will be missing out on some incredible opportunity of a lifetime? Watch out for things like this.

Logical fallacies. A logical fallacy is basically an error in logic. Example: a company claims that their product must be good since thousands of people are buying it. But just because something is popular, it does not necessarily mean it's good or true. Some companies will try to use tricks like this.

Money back guarantee. Alot of make money online products have a money back guarantee. If you are not sure if a product is a scam, you can try it out and see how it goes. Buy the product, start working with it immediately (and keep working continuously), keep track of how long it's been since you bought it. Wait until a few days before the money back guarantee expires and see how you feel about the product then. If you're not seeing any results/still think it's a scam/not living up to its promises then return it for a full refund.

Avoid scams. You have to watch out for scams across many different industries, but especially the online money making industry. If you think you're to good for scams, you're probably wrong (not trying to burst your ego :) ). Scammers are very sneaky and it's sometimes hard to see through their words/actions to their true motives. Question things, be a little cynical.

Don't burn yourself out. How many maximum hours a day do you think you can work? 12? 14? There is such a thing as working too much, you know. If you work too much you will fry your brain! It's ok once in a while (get some rest the next day if you do it), but do it continuously and it will have a bad effect on your health. If you haven't reached the maximum daily hours and your work day is continuing, how will you know if you're burning yourself out? You will get that really tired feeling that tells you that you need to stop working, and when it happens..stop! Take a short break (or a long one if you need it). Go outside, look at some trees, get some air, relax your mind and then get back to work. Actually, if you feel that you have had enough work for the day then stop working. You'll have time to get more work done the next day, your health is important too. You shouldn't burn yourself out, but at the same time you should achieve a high level of productivity which brings us to.....

Work-life balance. Whether you're going to pursue making money online full time or as a side project to your regular job, you need to have a proper balance between work and life. The best way to achieve this is to try different things as you go along instead of writing up a work-life balance theory and assuming it will work for you. Different things work for different people and you will only know what works best for you once you try it.

What's next?

If you haven't done so already, buy our eBook about making money online.Don't forget that you're probably going to need a website if you're trying to make money online. Learn how to build websites using one or more of our tutorial sections including HTML tutorials, CSS tutorials, Javascript tutorials, and PHP tutorials listed in our eBook.

All you need is an open mind, and the desire to succeed. Your happiness and money will be on your hand.We already helped numerous people who had financial problems just as important as yours and who believed that nobody and nothing could change their life.Today I am happy to see how their financial and personal situation completely changed.

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Best Wishes and Good Luck!
- Nicolae Pamfile


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